Strategy and project advisors

Arnaud Henin, more than 15 years of technical and management experience in renewable energy and sustainability sectors. Arnaud is an expert in the economics and financing of distributed renewable generation and microgrids.  He has worked on a range of renewable energy and cleantech investment and advisory projects across Europe and Africa. In the past, he was managing the Piraeus Clean Energy fund which was investing in projects in South East Europe. He was previously a Manager with McKinsey in London, working in the energy, renewables and climate change sectors. He has also worked with a number of start-ups in the high tech sector in Canada. Arnaud holds an MBA from INSEAD in France and an BSc in Electrical Engineering from McGill in Montreal.

Benjamin Kott, founder and CEO of Fabriq (initially EnergyDeck) with substantial technical and management expertise in energy monitoring and management. In Fabriq, Ben is creating solutions for large organisatons to track, analyse and report energy, water and resource consumption as well as to address and report on environmental sustainability. Before Fabriq, Ben headed up Green Business Operations and Clean Energy Advocacy at Google Europe. Before Google, Ben worked for Booz & Co in the technology, aerospace and energy sectors. Prior, he worked for EADS Airbus in Germany and France. Ben holds an MBA from Insead in France and MEng from TU in Munich.

Alex Gilbert, an independent green infrastructure investment manager and advisor with a background in clean-tech venture capital and low carbon development. He specialises in sustainable urban regeneration, smart low carbon cities, innovation funding, energy efficiency and the ESCo market. Alex is working with fast-growing companies in the electric vehicles, heat power, battery storage and the 'circular economy' sectors. He is also working with public bodies to support their future sustainable infrastructure. As an example, he is curating and commercialising energy transformation projects for TfL; London’s largest energy user. Prior, Alex spent 7 successful years at Amber Infrastructure, managing their government-backed funds, such as London Energy Efficiency Fund. Alex has a degree in Economics and a MSc in Advanced Energy & Environmental Studies.

Matthew Ulterino, more than 20 years professional history in urban planning and development with experience in mature and emerging markets across several continents. Matthew has specialist expertise in low-carbon, resource-efficient and climate-resilient built environments. He has recently contributed to policy research and programme development projects on energy efficiency performance, green economic growth, urban development strategies and retrofit finance for C40 Cities for Climate Leadership, Greater London Authority and LSE Cities. Prior employers include, amongst others, EDAW AECOM and the environmental strategy firm GreenOrder. Matthew holds an MSc in Urban Planning from Columbia University and a BA in from Bucknell University.

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