Green Value Associates assesses, originates and manages sustainable investments in real estate and infrastructure assets eligible for 3rd party finance.
Effective delivery and coordination

Any successful energy efficiency and retrofit project requires a serious focus on execution, appropriate supervision and capacity to focus on deliverables, particularly in the context of a real estate and infrastructure industry still coping with the fundamental concepts of green retrofitting, energy efficiency and micro-generation.

Therefore, Green Value Associates (GVA) brings together resources to ensure a proper project delivery within the agreed time and budget. GVA also plays a coordination role towards consultants, suppliers and contractors to stimulate understanding and teamwork in order to steer the project towards a successful outcome. GVA's project coordination role includes the following services:

  • guidance, advice and support to all parties involved from start to finish
  • effective communication between the various parties and stakeholders
  • continuity to a process that is often fragmented
  • leadership throughout – ensuring appropriate adjustments are made as required

Normally, the implementation stage starts with the detailed design. Consequently, GVA considers design robustness, builds flexibility into design where needed, informs the project brief and acts as the client’s representative in project meetings as needed. GVA also considers suited build and maintenance contracts to ensure clarity of responsibility.

GVA also reviews the implementation risks in planning, supply chain, constructability and post completion maintenance. GVA also evaluates the extent of equipment warranties and checks if they include potential unexpected interactions between them. In addition, GVA assesses claims and ensures contract allows for sufficient defects liability period and budgets for potential scope for omitted works.

GVA also focuses on managing disruption. More explicitly, GVA assesses the level of acceptable disruption, investigates implementation scenarios to find optimum solutions. GVA also drafts a logistics plan that includes impact on existing occupants, move management requirements and handover procedures. GVA ensures occupier information is explained at an appropriate time with opportunity for Q&A.

For the effective delivery of projects, GVA maintains relationships with vendors and suppliers of equipment and services as well as with Energy Services Companies (ESCos) that guarantee the energy savings accepting a certain level of financial risk by connecting payment either in whole or at least in part with the achievement of their efficiency improvement measures.

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