Green Value Associates assesses, originates and manages sustainable investments in real estate and infrastructure assets eligible for 3rd party finance.
End-to-end support

Green Value Associates (GVA) provides clients with end-to-end support, therefore procurement is an integral part of the wider service offering.

In any procurement exercise, GVA defines initially the scope and the value potential, the risks associated with the project implementation and the operation of the upgraded or newly developed assets. At the same time, GVA considers the exposure to external parameters such as technology innovation, competition, regulation, users’ preferences and 3rd party financiers' selection criteria.

GVA then provides an overview of the counterparty agreements and contractual obligations necessary in execution and operation. These contractual matters may relate to obligations to the state, funding sponsor and JV partners as well as to the eventual owners and operators of the upgraded or newly developed assets. Together with its specialised advisors and experts, GVA applies internationally proven techniques and proposes a variety of contractual arrangements, always keeping in mind the specifics of the local market and regulatory environment.

GVA also assesses the contractors, vendor and services market. This captures the local, national and regional market participants across the value chain (design, technology, construction, operations and maintenance solution providers). GVA produces a long-list of potential interested and eligible participants. This is done to provide confidence that the conceptual solutions can be executed and maintained over the long-term. When considering the procurement of technology options, GVA believes that any solution is more a problem of integration and systems management than cost and performance uncertainty. Therefore, any technology solution provider must demonstrate that future flexibility will be maintained.

During the procurement exercise, GVA prepares RFQ and tendering materials. GVA also prepares the market briefing materials to potential third party investors, scheduling one-to-one meetings wherever needed. In the examination of contracting solutions, GVA also assesses the applicability of an Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA), whereby a third party investor provides the capital needed for the energy efficiency improvement measures and charges the beneficiary with a fee equivalent to part of the energy savings achieved.

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