Getting introduced
Green Value Associates is an investment management and advisory services boutique focusing on originating, assessing and managing sustainable investments eligible for third party finance. It operates as a collaborative professional network of independent subject-matter experts.
Commitment and objective

Consensus is broad that any successful approach to sustainable investments must include the upgrade of the existing built environment (approx. 50% of CO2e globally) since nearly one-half of all energy consumed by buildings could be avoided through energy efficiency upgrades, whose cost would generally payback within 5 years or less due to the realisable benefits.

At the same time, green labeled commercial properties prove quicker to transact, attract and retain better quality tenants and therefore benefits from a lower risk premium. Notwithstanding the commercial impact in existing real estate, retrofit and energy efficiency investments have also the potential to result in energy-related cost savings that could generate new business opportunities of the same order of magnitude.

Despite the convergence of public and business interest, however, retrofits and energy efficiency investments in the built environment are not occurring on the necessary scale. Hence, Green Value Associates (GVA) is committed to promote these sustainable investments by developing into the “go-to” investment management and advisory services boutique in its geographies of operations.

GVA is therefore dedicating its resources' time and effort to create an incentivised business environment for this type of sustainable investments to become the way forward. To do this effectively, GVA is working with diverse market participants and legislators to address several complex financial and logistical issues that continue to obstruct their realisation and to deter their commercial rational.

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