Green Value Associates assesses, originates and manages sustainable investments in real estate and infrastructure assets eligible for 3rd party finance.
Better operated assets can be simply better investments

When it comes to sustainability and energy performance, it is tempting to focus solely on large new real estate and infrastructure assets to create investment value. And undeniably, new developments are a vital part of a balanced portfolio strategy, but in many cases there are equally compelling opportunities in improving the operations and management of existing assets.

For Green Value Associates (GVA), operational efficiency strategies, sometimes with no-cost and low-cost improvements, are crucially important to create value, reduce risks and costs and provide healthy and productive places to live and work. And investment returns of pursuing efficient operations go well beyond lower operational costs. With an enhanced operational efficiency, a B- asset could be turned into a B+, which can lead to a competitive standing in the marketplace as well as to increased capital values. Furthermore, asset owners are not the only benefitting from operational efficiency. Better-run, more efficient buildings have healthier, happier occupants.

When optimizing the efficiency and sustainability of a real estate or infrastructure asset, GVA recognises that every asset is unique. This means that it is important to identify the appropriate solution, which meets the specific asset needs. GVA also approaches the operational efficiency as a team effort. The asset and site managers, the engineering team, contractors and even security staff need to work cooperatively. Regular and open communications among them ensure that optimal efficiency becomes everyone’s goal. Tenant engagement is crucial to overall success, too.

GVA focus on operational excellence is based on the interrelationship of 3 aspects, namely:

  • Structural aspects, input from machinery and equipment to be restored.
  • Functional aspects, control and monitoring improvements to obtain optimum.
  • Environmental aspects, ability to adapt to regulation, technology and economic changes.

Once the implementation of an energy efficiency or retrofit project is completed, the energy saving monitoring and payback stage begins. Therefore, GVA services also include the control requirements for the provision of the targeted return on investment. The monitoring of the energy saving is based on a mutually accepted evaluation method and on continuous measurements. GVA clients work with its in-house experts and corporate partners to oversee the ongoing reporting of energy performance data.

With the support of its corporate partners, GVA also offers measurement and verification services compliant with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) using Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP).

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