Green Value Associates assesses, originates and manages sustainable investments in real estate and infrastructure assets eligible for 3rd party finance.
Structuring attractive and bankable investments

Green Value Associates (GVA) provides a financial assessment of costs and benefits on the selected options for retrofit, energy efficiency and operational improvement. GVA quantifies the potential gains and savings and then structures the financing capital need to fund the project(s). As needed, GVA assists in arranging project financing.

GVA services include:

  • Identifying financial and business risks affecting financing
  • Analysing relevant financial performance indicators
  • Financing optionsĀ and strategies depending on solutions
  • Coordination on setting up suitable SPV structure for capital investment
  • Capital raising as needed aiming the lowest possible project finance cost
  • Specialised loan agreement negotiation

The financial structuring of a project involves the following parameters:

  • Structure of consideration, including the assumption of debts
  • Net debt and working capital targets
  • The size, structure and schedule of payments
  • Any special conditions between the funding parties involved

When providing capital raising advisory, GVA will review and provide full support on the available options including specialised project finance facilities from commercial and development banks, vendor finance from suppliers, 3rd party investment, energy performance contracting, debt and equity from dedicated funds. Additional sources include grants and subsidies related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reduction projects available from national and international sources like the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

During the capital raising process, GVA usually undertakes the following responsibilities:

  • Selection of suitable lenders, investors and grant/subsidies programmes
  • Advice on pricing and other terms
  • Introduction to major funding partners
  • Negotiation with lenders and investors
  • Support in the application for grants and subsidies programmes

GVA is working with investment funds, financial institutions and other major sources of financing.

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