Getting introduced
Green Value Associates is an investment management and advisory services boutique focusing on originating, assessing and managing sustainable investments eligible for third party finance. It operates as a collaborative professional network of independent subject-matter experts.
Breadth of sectors and services

Green Value Associates (GVA) enables its clients to unlock and enhance the value of their existing real estate and urban infrastructure assets by exploring, among other things, their greener standard potential, energy efficiency and operational effectiveness.

GVA assesses, originates and manages asset, portfolio and city level investments in commercial, tertiary, public and industrial sectors. GVA also advises and supports new sustainable urban mix-use developments.

GVA's value proposition includes the following services:

- Advisory, includes all the necessary consulting work to assess current situation, source investment opportunities and analyse potential derived benefits.

- Financial structuring, includes the necessary preparation, sourcing and advisory work to identify and properly structure financing options for the capital investment.

- Procurement, includes the long list identification of suitable suppliers, vendors and contractors, the tender planning, documentation and execution to select preferred bidders.

- Project delivery, includes the programme planning and management of capital investment, the management contracting and project management services.

- Operations, include assessing and optimising asset management and maintenance operations. After the capital investment completion, it also includes the essential monitoring services to verify the associated value benefits.

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