One platform to enable everyone to save energy. Together
EnergyDeck makes it easy to track consumption data for different categories and sources
Energy monitoring services provider

EnergyDeck addresses several key issues regarding environmental sustainability in organisations. It provides a web-based service that makes energy and consumption data accessible and actionable. A web-based service that it easy to track consumption data for different categories and sources - from electricity to travel, and from utility bills to smart meters.

Energy Deck offers a range of analytics features designed to help better understand consumption data and benchmark building sites against those of relevant peers and identify savings potential. It tracks savings projects, or identifies suitable savings measures from its global database.

Sharing of best practices is at the heart of its platform. EnergyDeck sets up groups, shares anonymised performance data, benchmarks and projects with other members and learns from them.

EnergyDeck offers a variety of plans to help scale energy and resource efficiency to different types and sizes of users, including:

  • Large organisations
  • SMEs
  • Residential users
  • Context

EnergyDeck was crowned Idea Idol champion at the UK's Green Corporate Energy 2013 event, and has been sponsored by Cisco into the IDEALondon accelerator.

More information at www.energydeck.com

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