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GVA organised the "Energy & Cleantech" workshop in Disrupt Startup ScaleUP Nov 18, 2014

Green Value Associates (GVA) organised and moderated the "Energy & Cleantech" workshop entitled "What on God’s Green Earth Comes Next" that took place on Saturday 15/11 in Megaron Athens International Conference Centre.

The scope of the workshop was to provide specialized knowledge in Energy & Cleantech trends and insights. Greater focus was placed on the available energy resources and demand efficiency technologies. The workshop also put emphasis on energy saving measures, localised energy solutions, renewable energy generation, microgrids and other proactive initiatives like demand-response mechanisms. It run as an interactive dialogue among leading entrepreneurs, advisors, engineers and subject matter experts. The aim was to explore the unique entrepreneurial and business opportunities for targeted investments.

The workshop session was in English and was moderated by Ioannis Orfanos, Director of Green Value Associates. There were 4 professionals seating in the panel:

-  Ioannis Orfanos, Director, GVA (moderator)
-  Arnaud Henin, Partner, Gommyr Power Networks
-  Apostolos Kotsaris, Vice President in Operations at Silver Ridge Power
-  Dr. Vassilis Nikolopoulos, CEO & Co-founder Intelen Inc

Arnaud Henin and Apostolos Kotsaris are also GVA strategic advisors and subject matter-experts.

The workshop was part of "Disrupt Startup ScaleUP!" event, one of the fastest growing cross-sectoral entrepreneurship focused events organised by Industry Disruptors-Game Changers (ID-GC). This year, the event had high-energy competitions for startups in five different sectors (agribusiness, cleantech, health, creative industries and technology). It had world-class entrepreneurs inspire and mentor. It also had international investors on the look-out for the next big thing.

Ioannis Orfanos and Apostolos Kotsaris also attended the National Clean Tech Open Finals that took place during Disrupt Startup ScaleUP! event. During the Finals, disruptive business ideas were presented and pitched to a judging panel. Arnaud Henin sat in the judging panel.

To find more information about 2014 Disrupt Startup ScaleUP! event, please click here.

To find more information about the National Clean Tech Open Finals, please click here.

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