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Green Value Associates goal is to work with its clients to unlock and enhance value in existing real estate and infrastructure assets through the realisation, among other things, of any greener standard and energy efficiency potential as well as sustainable operational effectiveness.
Manufacturing, Data Centres, Logistics

During turbulent economic times, industrial businesses are under increasing pressure to cut costs and increase efficiency. The need to cut costs coupled with ever rising fuel prices puts pressure on industrial assets, like data centers and manufacturing facilities, to find quick, low cost and long-term energy savings. With increasing carbon driven legislation and a stronger focus on corporate and social responsibility, companies, especially in the industrial sector, need also to review their approach to energy and carbon management.

With the support of its corporate partners and subject matter experts, Green Value Associates help industrial companies to manage bottom-line costs, re-engineer processes and increase profitability through both supply-side and demand-side commercial efficiency solutions that generate energy savings, carbon emissions reduction and also positive public perceptions.

GVA offering includes:

  • Re-engineering of existing processes to optimise energy costs
  • Considering tax opportunities created by incentivised regulation
  • Mitigating energy-related risks and costs
  • Enhancing productivity and economies of scope
  • Procuring and replacing aging energy assets
  • Implementing options to outsource operation and maintenance of energy assets
  • GVA also works with industrial companies to meet their carbon management goals as part of a broader, more comprehensive energy management plan focused on efficiency and profitability. Environmental and cost benefits are also tracked, incorporated into future budgets and included in sustainability reports for third parties and CSR statements.

    With the support of its corporate partners, GVA also identifies, procures and manages budget-neutral energy infrastructure upgrades such as on-site cogeneration and distributed generation to help manufacturers dramatically reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while stabilising energy budgets.

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