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Green Value Associates goal is to work with its clients to unlock and enhance value in existing real estate and infrastructure assets through the realisation, among other things, of any greener standard and energy efficiency potential as well as sustainable operational effectiveness.
Real Estate, Developers and Alternative

Real Estate Investors

Green Value Associates (GVA) strategy is to look at real estate assets, assess their long-term sustainability and propose which and how they can be improved faster with the lower possible cost to meet greener standards. GVA proposition to real estate investment funds, commercial landlords and REICs leads to financial gains from the reduction of energy related costs, to superior commercial value from retrofit initiatives and modernisation of existing facilities and to environmental gains through the implementation of sustainable practices.

GVA also highlights to its clients the importance of “greening” existing property during acquisition and disposal stage. With the help of its corporate partners, GVA provides as required additional due diligence to assess energy and environmental performance and calculates the effect of “green” issues in pricing and on future rents. GVA also assesses the costs of running a building and the impact of new and future regulation affecting buildings with high carbon footprints.

GVA supports its clients to unlock value in existing commercial real estate assets and to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce energy associated costs and related service charges to occupants
  • Increase asset marketability to sustainability conscious tenants
  • Take advantage of tax break opportunities created by incentivized regulation
  • Reduce energy-related risks
  • Improve financial performance and return on investment
  • Retrofit aging inefficient assets to enhance commercial asset value


When working with Developers in high-profile development projects, Green Value Associates (GVA) objective is to pursue leadership in energy and sustainable design in order for these projects to apply for certification ratings for environmental responsibility. GVA also showcases the financial benefits on integrating local energy efficiency solutions and high-performance buildings in large regeneration projects.

In large regeneration development projects, GVA service proposition encompasses local energy solutions options, a departure from the conventional execution approach, which is often (one-way) grid-tied energy supply connection and code-driven building energy efficiency measures. In master planning, GVA involves its advisors and experts to align the energy efficiency strategy with the development objectives. This assures that the master planning and design process is not thrown off-course by an added complexity.

Additional stages in GVA services include local energy solutions refinement, suppliers and potential co-financing partners short-list identification, briefing materials for the design consultants, advisory support during planning and preparation of RFQ for the solutions providers. To ensure deliverability, GVA provides also ongoing support in finance, implementation and construction.

Alternative Investors

The investments in energy efficiency projects in real estate and infrastructure assets are curently being supported by alternative financing mechanisms that include development financing institutions, third-party-funding, renewable investors and energy developers as well as clean tech funds.

In 'third-party funding', equity, debt or hybrid finance comes from a third party, namely an alternative investor or financial institution. A guarantee of performance is necessary to prove that the energy efficiency project is economically sustainable. Therefore, Green Value Associates (GVA) works with the alternative financiers to ensure that the revenues resulting from the energy saving measures payback within the targeted timeline. GVA offering also includes the provision mechanism to certify that the energy saving is guaranteed by the solution provider (an ESCo or a supplier) to reduce the project’s investment risk.

GVA also cooperates with venture capital funds and business incubators to identify opportunities in clean tech early-stage companies, primarily in Greece and South Europe. In addition, several of its associates enthusiastically mentor start-ups active in the following clean tech fields: sustainable building materials, ICT enablers in energy management, energy efficiency, micro-grids, energy storage, electric vehicles and renewable energy.

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