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Green Value Associates goal is to work with its clients to unlock and enhance value in existing real estate and infrastructure assets through the realisation, among other things, of any greener standard and energy efficiency potential as well as sustainable operational effectiveness.
Bottom-line improvement to hotel business

Hotel facilities are unique in regards to their amenities and services offered. Many of the services provided are resource-intensive, resulting in a significant environmental impact during the operational phase.

Therefore, Green Value Associates (GVA) effort mainly focuses on operations to improve their bottom line by integrating resource efficient practices and eliminating wasteful. The goal is to benefit the hotel business not only in operating costs reduction but also in branding, guest loyalty, recruiting and retaining high-calibre motivated employees..

Initially, GVA helps hotel owners and/or operators to understand the environmental and socio-economic context in which they operate to manage risk, improve their market share and attract investments. GVA team also assesses the project returns of the capital investment based on the expected financial savings, superior commercial value, compliance with regulation and environmental gains.

To foster energy efficiency and treasonable use of energy in a hotel, GVA promotes the most adaptable, practical and cost-effective strategic solutions. These solutions help to increase not only the sustainability of hotel operations but also their positive contributions to biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage preservation and community development.

In a hotel asset portfolio, GVA carries out, always with the support of its corporate partners, a preliminary high level energy and operational assessment in order to pre-select sites with high potential for improvement.  An evaluation of the actual energy consumption and operating cost allocation allows GVA to determine and prioritise the necessary cost-effective measures. A project may begin without an audit if the hotel portfolio owner and/or operator has all the required performance data.

GVA supports its clients throughout the implementation process to ensure the proposed measures are executed properly and their energy and operating efficiency potential realized and verified.

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