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Green Value Associates goal is to work with its clients to unlock and enhance value in existing real estate and infrastructure assets through the realisation, among other things, of any greener standard and energy efficiency potential as well as sustainable operational effectiveness.
Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals

The MUSH building market - municipalities and regional authorities, universities, schools and hospitals - historically account for the lion’s share of performance-based investments in energy efficiency. At the same time, constrained government budgets have made clear to publicly funded bodies that private sector involvement is crucial for this type of investments to materialize at the scale necessary.

Therefore, Green Value Associates (GVA) offers guidance to its MUSH clients to select the right public private partnership structure and to choose the appropriate private sector party, who will provide the energy efficiency related value added services.  GVA helps its clients to prepare a suitable performance contract, since conventional public procurement techniques used to award construction contracts are not suited for this type of projects. GVA also ensures the private sector party provides a turnkey service and has a balance sheet to guarantee savings.

In arranging project financing, GVA primarily confirms that the retrofit capital cost is repaid from savings over the contract term. Then, GVA helps its clients to seek for project capital in a variety of sources, including European Regional Development Funds, development banks, dedicated credit lines and public revolving loan funds. After securing funding, GVA works with its MUSH clients to overcome bureaucracy process barriers to make easier for private sector to offer their solutions in beneficial PPP arrangements.

In Municipalities, GVA supports the implementation of energy efficiency measures in owned- operated infrastructure assets as well as to add green elements to existing facilities and buildings. GVA also helps them to assess overall resilience, looking at overall adaptive capacity and vulnerability.

In Universities, GVA identifies opportunities to reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve campus energy systems. GVA helps also Universities to get the infrastructure upgrades and technologies they need to stabilise ongoing utility costs and save water usage, built on-campus energy efficient and renewable energy solutions repaid entirely with capital collected from savings.

In Schools, GVA offers several opportunities for saving energy in schools that can open up additional funding for educational programs. To achieve these savings, GVA helps them implement a comprehensive energy reduction program that includes building systems enhancement, budget-neutral energy infrastructure upgrades, better energy monitoring and invoice management.

In Hospitals, GVA understands that the reliability of energy is a top concern for healthcare facility management. Critical hospital energy systems must be online and available 24 hours a day, even when the power grid is compromised. But that is not stopping GVA to advice on best practices and to ensure the health care industry has the tools to better manage energy costs and associated risks.

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